About Vows & Promises

Getting married, renewing your vows or celebrating your anniversary with Ann Forster as your celebrant is a personalised, seamless experience. Ann includes only those readings, music and elements that are meaningful to you and doesn't include anything that you feel does not reflect your personalities or beliefs.

By choosing Ann Forster as your celebrant will mean there is no pressure to stand a particular way, for example; with your backs to your guests, or enter a certain way or that your guests sit a particular way; such as the bride's family on one side, the groom's family on the other side.

There will be no-one that will dictate that there can only be men in the groom's party and women in the bride's party. It's your day and you can experience it the way you want it.

About Vows & Promises

You can dress the way you feel is most representative of your life and love - you don't have to wear the traditional white gown or that black suit and the ceremony does not need to include the father giving the bride away, merely the couple coming together with their families' blessing.

The ceremony can take place anywhere within reason and within legal boundaries, such as out of doors, at a Victorian bed and breakfast .... let your imagination run away with itself, it's your day have it your way. Your special day can be a spiritual experience without necessarily being religious.

Remember, whether you want a more formal or traditional celebration or you want to throw the book out the window, I will personally support you in creating a lovely and meaningful ceremony, just the way you want it and in the setting of your choice.

The thing to remember is that states in Australia have very few legal requirements as to what has to be included in a wedding ceremony. Generally a marriage ceremony is made up of "tradition." This means that other than those few legal requirements, you can experience the ceremony in virtually any way that you desire.

Ann conducts celebrant ceremonies Australia wide but is most sought after in the Victorian regional towns of Benalla, Wangaratta & Shepparton.